The Bespoke Jewellery Of Sussex - Custom Made Magic

The Bespoke Jewellery Of Sussex - Custom Made Magic

It costs no more money to create a classic timeless custom made original piece of jewellery, created especially for you, as it does to choose from a bunch of "strangers in a tray!" 

Trinkets in a tray upon a shelf!  Pretty? Perhaps. Beautiful? Often! But most definitely meaningless and absolutely lacking in any kind of a soul. I'm sure you can think of a beautiful man or woman who really is very good looking but has no charisma. As I am writing this I can think of several. I shan't provide an example because that would be rude...and that don't impress me much. But I am sure you can think of many. And so it is with jewellery, it can be beautiful but because it has no meaning, no story, it is beautiful but carries no charisma or depth.

It's our experiences, stories and unique perspective that give us our charisma. A good piece of jewellery is not just for adornment, it is meant to enhance. A stranger cannot enhance something or someone they don't even know exists.  A designer designs according to the fickle fashion of the day, not the timeless stories that make you and your loved ones who you are.  You can be inspired by what you see in a tray on a shelf in a shop, you can even fall in love with a piece - people do, of course they do!  But the very process of buying from a shop is flawed from the outset.  Each decision you make in a shop is determined by the limitations already set in place by market forces and by what other people deem fashionable, beautiful or stylish. Jewellery that is custom made and costs no more money to create, is immune to these factors. 

Given that it is no more expensive to have a piece of bespoke jewellery made by us than it is to choose from a selection of pretty and sparkly but nonetheless, frozen rocks and lifeless metals, isn't it better to forge a piece in the furnaces of your imagination, a piece that is invested with love and significance?  In the case of a Melt & Make, the invested sentiment from its metal is precious in every sense. 

Metal for metal, gem for gem, it's the same kind of expenditure to have something beautiful, authentic and original crafted by us according to your wishes and vision that comes from within and that will always have meaning, as it is to buy something off the shelf. So dream something up you truly want because you're paying the same kind of money!

It begins then... Somewhere deep in your mind; a near image, a body of emotions, a fluttered nuance of a lost secret, for which there are no words - only shapes and colours. Its origins are manifold; the outer world of Nature, Art and Culture and the inner world of Dreams, true Abstraction and every Love Imagined...

We can make it happen.  We can take your idea for a unique piece of jewellery and make it a reality.  We will work to give you something that you dreamed of for someone you love or even just respect, or something just for you that is in concert with who you really are.  And it is your dream. You own this process  - this project.  It never leaves your control, unless of course, you tell us to just run with it.  The level of involvement is completely up to you.  You can throw something  at us that is drawn on a napkin or merely described in conversation and declare, "Get on with it, artisan types!" Or if you are a bit  technically inclined or artistic yourself, you are welcome to design your own jewellery and we will craft it for you. Whatever your level of input; total or partial, conversational or even technical, we will give you feedback on the viability of your ideas within the realms of possibility - wherever you are in the world!  If I may put this to you in movie terms; we are the techies, camera operators, sound engineers etc, but you are the Director, Artistic Director or maybe just the Executive Producer.  Either way, it's your vision and we are your crew. 

Most people, however, come with just an idea or partial idea or simply an image or concept they like and that they maybe want to change a little.  A lot of people come to us with nothing more than a notion. Some have even less than a notion. All they know is that they want to create something beautiful, some piece of bespoke jewellery that is replicated nowhere,  for someone they love but have yet to decide what form it should take. Our job is to deduce the form in your mind and make it physical, or alternatively, we help you come up with a the idea.  The whole consultation  process is about extracting and then representing your ideas with total fidelity and offering inspiration if and when it's needed.

How do we achieve that?

Well, broadly speaking, there are two initial ways: 

1. The Walk-in or Coffee Method:  This is where you come into our workshop in Burgess Hill in the heart of Sussex, sit down with us and a jug of coffee and tell us about your desired piece.  This is an easy process of just talking and sketching until we have an accurate picture of what you have in mind, or if you prefer, we will happily suggest design concepts if you don't have a clear idea at this stage.  That's it for the first consultation.   We then draft the first representation in our 3D design modelling suite so you that you are able to experiment with different gems and metals to see how your piece would look from a variety of angles at anytime. Metals and gems are changed with the click of a mouse and it is addictive fun. You can do this at any time also from wherever you are, on your own secure page online.

There may be some back and forth with this until it is exactly how you imagined.  When you are satisfied with the look, we then 3D print and send to you an exact resin replica to try on for size and for general review to ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with the finished piece before it is made. The resin replica does have a power of its own.  This is your first encounter with a physical manifestation of what was just an imagined entity and yet it is a mere whisper of what is to follow.

2. Our Online Method:  for wherever you are in the world. This is exactly as above except that is done with an engaging 4-step process on this website which involves filling out a form and uploading any images. This is followed by a review of your design, trying on your design (the resin replica we send out) and ultimately receiving the final piece.  As with the walk-in method, there is ongoing consultation, we just don't supply the coffee in this scenario.

These are the two general methods but we will consult with you by whatever means you prefer.  Suffice it to say, that if you use the online method but find yourself in the vicinity of our workshop, then do know that you are welcome to come and visit. 

You may often be inspired by something you see on a shelf. But let that be an inspiration or a catalyst for an idea of your own, rather than a settled for near fit or pale analogue of something that is truly yours.  Be inspired by that piece and give it your own twist. Tell us what you saw and what it needed to be right for you. Come and see us in person or online and brainstorm with us.

We are The Real Magic Behind The Bespoke Jewellery Of Sussex! You and us! Between us, we will create a true classic! Classics do not sit in a tray in a jeweller's shop, they are born in the mind's eye, brought into the world with artistic intent and endure in the heart like soulmates!  

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