Barnaby King - Head Goldsmith

Barney joined BMG in 2010 - from David Smith in Lewes. Previous to this Barnaby worked for John Harrington in Brighton. Barnaby achieved his BA with honours in Goldsmithing at  Camberwell Collage London 2005.

He has since completed a 3D design course and now runs the Matrix CAD department here at BMG Bespoke. Barnaby has the rare talents of both high end goldsmithing and high end computer skills. He works half the time on the CAD and half the time still hand-making on the benches. He is an expert diamond setter.

As a CAD designer who has years of goldsmiths experience means he puts together the ring designs in a way that it would be made on the benches this is an essential part of BMG's skills.

Father of 3, and husband to the lovely Zoe Barnaby is a very busy man both at work and home.