CAD and 3D services at BMG Bespoke Jewellery. How the process works:

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We can completely design your dream piece of jewellery.
Once you have decided to have a unique piece of jewellery made - nothing off a shelf, completely unique. So you research where to go, who to use, and where you will go to get what you want. You may have two or three jewellers in mind. When you meet the jewellers and discuss your ideas they will make you a sketch. Then the next time you see your jewellery it is complete.
The journey is over and the result in your hand.
Is it what you expected?
Is there any disappointment?
Do you wish you has the chance to tweak it a bit?
This is a very familiar story, not always of course but from talking to our customers who have been through this process with other jewellers, we estimate around 50% of people would have made a change, and 78% would have liked more control. However the normal process does not allow for this, no jeweller is going to want someone standing over their shoulder as they make it.
Come see us at BMG Bespoke Jewellery and work with a system that allows you to take control through the whole process. At BMG Bespoke Jewellery we are quickly building 5 star reviews on Google Places so have a look see what our customers say.
The whole process can be done online if you are not local, we can chat with you over Skype, and correspond over email. We will send you renderings and your 3D print to check the fit of your jewellery.

Have a look through our gallery of recent work:


This is how we do it:  

First the system is the same - we talk to you get a feel for your style, what is your preferred metal what does the final recipient of the piece wear, what will they want. The sketches are done, there may even be 5 or 6 sketches done to find your direction or 1 sketch maybe enough if you know what you want. From here this is where you take control. The sketches are transferred over to the latest 3D software. We tend to favour Matrix over the 3 we use. Matrix offers for most jobs all that we need to produce a full set of screen renderings for you to look at.

Stage One Pencil Sketch
Stage Two On Screen Design Work
Stage 3 Screen Pictures
Either come into our workshops or we can email, text or WhatsApp these to you
Stage Four
You can come in to the store, or we will post the 3D resin print to you. Try this on get a feel for the finished piece. Make changes here as nothing is made yet.
Stage 5
The finished piece if all approved on stage 4
.Click video below to see the finished piece.

Swirl Pearl and Diamond Ring from BMG Bespoke Jewellery on Vimeo

 So as you can see there is very little to go wrong here and you are in charge and free to make changes right up until you have tried on the 3D printed resin and approved it.

This customer was so so pleased with the finished result her first words where "wow that is absolutely fantastic I love it, can you make me a matching pendant"

Here is the matching pendant 3D rendering and finished piece, made as an oval spring so it did not roll around. 



.At BMG Bespoke Jewellery, our constant aim is to keep developing our methods of work and ensuring we can produce the best experience for our customers from start to finish. Through our use of CAD we can now design jewellery on screen, and calculate more precisely end weights and material usage for our customers. This enables us to show clients the on screen rendering and then when necessary we can print a 3D print to cast from. We keep our customers informed every step on the way, and we find this ensures our customers are always happy with the end result.
We invested in 3D or CAD-CAM design in January 2016. It enables us to produce a complicated piece of jewellery in a couple of hours using a computer and high resolution 3D printer. Very few jewellers are doing this and jewellery is one of the last industries to wake up to the world of modern technology. At present we output to either a solidscape wax printer or the ember resin printer depending on the job. Quite often both methods are used on a single job.
Study 2
Case Study of 3D:
For example this particular job has saved the customer around half of the cost of making this ring. The reason for this is straight forward. To make this ring by hand with the fret work involved in carving the pattern.
Jewellers have been slow in the uptake to take on new technology. However when this can save a customer up to 90% of the labour cost of making a piece by hand it is incredible that many still sit back and rely on old the old methods.
    Stage 1 - pencil sketch
Stage 2 - CAD design on screen
   Stage 3 - Screen renderings at different angles.
Stage 4 Physical 3D print
Stage 4 - Finished Ring
  You can have the 3D image on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer using a 3D pdf file. Once approved a 3D resin print is printed using the latest liquid filled USA made high resolution 3D printer. You can try this on for size shape and style, once approval the file is sent for output in the precious metal of choice and comes back ready to set the gemstones and within just a few days the job is complete.
All in all it speeds up the production process cuts down costs and gives you a perfectly finished piece of jewellery for a lot less money than making it by hand.
Of course there are still many jobs that required the skilled hand of an expert craftsman such as melting down sentimental gold and re-mastering it to fit our modern lifestyles and tastes. Retaining the bench work for repairs and hand making is still essential for both our local loyal customers and eCommerce business.
At BMG Bespoke Jewellery it is the skilled craftsmen that now work the computers and still maintain their years of working knowledge when constructing a piece of fine jewellery on screen.
You can contact BMG Bespoke through our contact form to discuss a project or just for a demonstration of what we do.