Buddha & Pectoral Cross

This page showcases a couple of jobs from different religious views and shows the diversity of the work we do here at BMG jewellery. 

So nice to work for the Bishop of Warrington and get to know her in person. Some other well known people who wear our jewellery include, Rooney Mara as we were commissioned by Sony to make the jewellery for the film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", Abi Titmuss, The Ice Man Dennis Bergkamp,  Janet Street Porter, Katie Price and Kieran Hayler


Mum's Gold

After the sad passing my Mum in 2002,  I had some of her old gold. Nothing that anyone would really wear these days,  but it was jewellery that she really liked and wore a lot. I discussed it with my 2 sisters and we decided to do something with it to help us remember Mum,  rather than let it collect dust in the drawer.

Barney, Connor and I got talking. Yep mum liked laughing Buddha's she was not religious but favoured Buddhism over any other religion, she loved the idea of "the middle way" - not too low and not too high.

CAD Image

Barnaby King is the Head goldsmith at the BMG workshop in Burgess Hill. As a caring man it is important for him to get this right for you. He is also a brilliant goldsmith, diamond setter and 3D artist using CAD. He uses his 3D printing skills to make jobs where it proves more cost effective than using the old school bench making method. On occasions this can save up to 70% of the total bill.

Barnaby has carefully crafted this image and outputted a 3D print to show me. Wow it's so cute and tactile. (The 3D print, not him)

So with this job I need 6 in total, this covers the direct siblings and her sisters. 

This means the Buddha's will be cast in silver before filling them with some of Mums old gold. The base has been hollowed ready to pour in the melted gold. 

Once they come back from the casting house they need a clean up as there is a protrusion of silver on the heads where they are held in the casting process.

Gold In

Melted gold has a much higher melting point than silver, so if it is melted and just poured in it will melt the silver. Adding silver to the gold not only solves this problem by lowering the melting point it also increases the amount of gold available to fill the bases.

The video clip shows the gold (mixed with silver) being poured into the base of one of the Buddhas.

Gold Plating

Just a final polish and they are ready for gold plating using 50 microns of gold.

The video clip shows the electro-plating process. The gold plate is in the liquid, when a charge is put through the silver Buddha the gold simply sticks and adheres to the silver. 


Time for the family to get together and take their final pieces.

We are all so please with the result.

BiSHOPS - Pectoral cross
COMMISSIONED by the 1st bishop of warrington

It’s not every day a jeweller is asked to make a pectoral cross for a soon to be Bishop. For those who are unaware, a pectoral cross is a significant piece of symbolic religious jewellery. As the name suggests a pectoral cross is worn on the chest, the pectoral muscle. It is often, in the Anglican community at least, limited to Bishops and may be decorated with an amethyst. This ties in with the Bishops, who generally wear purple garments.

Cad DesignBeverley was consecrated on the 18th October 2018 and is now the first ever Bishop of Warrington and one of only a small number of female Bishops. She discussed with us her requirements for a ring and pectoral cross. Discussing design ideas and religious requirements with excitement and passion. 

3D Model
We settled on a design that featured 4 small diamonds and a large amethyst in the centre of the cross.
Each leg of the cross featured Celtic pattern that is referred to as the trinity knot, this is a symbol of the Holy Trinity and a design detail Beverly was very keen to incorporate. 


Here you can see 2 sections of the cross. One is silver and the ring is gold, the collet assembly is being heated to solder in the collet which will hold the amethyst. 

The Result

We mailed the final cross to Beverly in time for inauguration This was her text message the following morning.

"It's arrived! I'm overwhelmed how beautiful it is. When we first met I never imagined I would have a ring and cross so utterly beautiful. Thank you so very much. Bev xx"


Beverly Mason was welcomed to the Diocese at Liverpool Cathedral on the 17th November 2018.

As you can see the Pectoral Cross she commissioned was worn at the ceremony. 

It's arrived! I'm overwhelmed how beautiful it is. When we first met I never imagined I would have a ring and cross so utterly beautiful. Thank you so very much. Bev xx

The Right Reverend Beverly Mason. The 1st Bishop of Warrington

They say diamonds are a girls best friend but to have diamonds custom made give a personal, unique and magical feeling. Thanks to BMG and their team of jewellery artisans I have a perfect pair of beauty’s that make me feel regal. From customer care to listening to what their customers desire, BMG defiantly have the Midas touch. Thank you to the entire BMG team

Femi Femi

cannot thank the skilled staff @ BMG jewellary for designing a ring for me to give to my fiancé for his 30th birthday it was everything I had imagined and more. Kept me informed of the progress, it came in an amazing box with a light inside to show off the ring & I received a video of how it was made which was an extra special touch I have never received when have a custom piece made. Everyone is very knowledgable and friendly I would highly recommend anyone wanting a bespoke piece of jewellary to go to there. Thank you all so much.

Fallon Worrall

Our Customers

Our customers come from far and wide. The business started in 1998 as an eCommerce business selling hand made jewellery to the USA. In those days there was no '.co.uk' just '.com' and 'altavista' topped the best  business search engine. Although our main customer base is still in the USA we deal with a lot of local people now and want more and more local people to visit our workshops in Burgess Hill. 

We are a jewellery workshop with 8 members of staff at present, we work for both other jewellers and the general public. The general public benefit from getting the same service and prices as our trade customers. 

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